Welcome to Talisar Publishing


Welcome to Talisar Publishing! I provide a wide range of high-quality publishing services to help make your project shine.

I’m based in the The Hague, Netherlands, and I work with publishers and writers from all over Europe, the US, the UK and the world. In addition to standard publishing services, I’ve got extensive experience in publishing consulting — from building systems and processes to help publishers work more efficiently, to creating style guides to help keep a brand on-point. See the services page for more information, or request a copy of my CV on the contact page.

Whether you’re looking for editing, typesetting, ghost writing, project management or proofreading, let’s work together to craft your story or idea so that it has the strongest possible impact on your target audience.

Note that we also have a publishing branch — for more info about our books, see talisarbooks.com.