Publishing services

Talisar Publishing offers a wide range of high-quality publishing services.

I can help guide your content from the initial writing stages, through the editing process, up to the point that it’s ready to be released as a pristine, print-ready file, interactive e-book, or other format that best suits your needs.

All costs are determined on a project-by-project basis, in line with industry standards. Discounts are available for projects using multiple services. Writing and editing services are available in English (I’m American but studied in the UK, so any variant of English is possible). Layout, production, and cover design services are available in any language.

Here’s a brief overview of the ways we can improve your work. For more information, please get in touch through our contact page.


Strong publishing processes make strong publishers.

If you’re launching a new project or looking to formalize an aspect of your publishing business that’s been going well, I’m here to help with the project management and process-building to get things running smoothly and efficiently. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a stronger editorial brand, I have extensive experience in creating customized in-house style guides.


Ghostwriting and copy writing services bring your ideas to life.

Do you know what you want to say but don’t have the time or expertise to get your content down on paper? As an award-winning writer, I’m here to help with ghostwriting and copy writing services. I’ve produced content for a wide range of purposes, including marketing and communications, business and technical reports, and memoirs and biographies.

Development editing

Development editing shapes your content so that it has the greatest impact.

These services involve identifying the most effective structure for the content and delivering it in the most powerful and effective way. A thorough review from a professional development editor can help trim non-essential content, identify areas that need further expansion, and mold it so that every piece of the puzzle fits together seamlessly.

Line editing and copy editing

Line editing and copy editing involve cleaning up mistakes and inconsistencies.

These levels of editing involve much more than correcting typos and grammatical errors. We go through the text line-by-line, word-by-word, to help rephrase awkward sentences or paragraphs, smooth out transitions, identify patterns of word usage, and ensure that every word adds to the overall end product.

Layout and production

Layout and production services presents your content in its final form, ready for delivery directly to printers or online distributors.

I make sure your content looks clean and professional when it goes into publication, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing reading experience. This service can also involve recreating or cleaning up any images, charts, or graphics that appear in the content. Using InDesign (for a print version) or working directly within the code (for an e-book or digital version), I can ensure that every page looks just right and adheres to the highest industry standards.

Cover design

An attractive cover can make all the difference in whether readers decide to pick up a book or move on.

First impressions are everything. I can help create a cover that fits with genre norms, appeals to readers and conveys the spirit of the book. I’m happy to work to any brief, or to help write the brief, whether you have a specific concept in mind or are looking for inspiration.